Octopus car wash services

At our Farmington Octopus Car Wash locations we take great pride in not only washing but also protecting your car. We offer a variety of services to suit your needs from our Regular wash at $9 through to our Ultimate car wash and beyond we guarantee you wil be satisfied with the results. In addition we also offer a "Car Wash loyality program" where after you buy 4 car washes the 5th one is free!

In addition to our regular packages we also offer our "Express Detail with Clean Car Guarantee"


For just $39.95 a month get unlimited ultimate car washes as much as once per day for the entire month (fragrances not included).

Regular Wash - $9

Express Wash, Towel Dry, & Complimentary Self Serve Vacuums.

Works - $12

Wash + Triple Foam Waxes + Fragrance of Your Choice.

Best - $14

Wash + Works + Rain-X Complete Surface Protection + Shiny Tires + Additional Fragrance.

Ultimate - $16

Wash + Best + Octo-glaze.

Buy 4 get 5!

Save Money! Get 5 for the price of 4!.

Express Detail

All Express Detail is started after the wash process is completed. We use one to two detail employees on your car so that we may minimize the time you spend and increase the amount of work accomplished.

Most of our Express Detail services are completed in less than 45 minutes. Our Service Advisor would gladly explain our services - no appointment is necessary.