Charity Fundraising Program

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At our Octopus Car Wash locations in Farmington and Pueblo we put the FUN into fundraising! We offer a package of $14.00 coupons for your organizations to sell. For each coupon sold by your organization 50% is retained by you. Coupons are issued to your organization by us with no up front cost for the first 200 coupons (There is a maximum limit of 600 coupons per organization which gives you the opportunity to raise over $3,600 from a single event). Any unsold coupons can be returned to Octopus at no added expense to your organization.
Our goal is to offer a service to the local Farmington community while at the same time lending a helping hand in support of our local charity organizations.
  • Easy to organize.
  • Environmently friendly (No runoff to local water system).
  • Fun and effective.
  • Dedicated team to service your event.
  • Local and well established destination ensures success.
Participation is open to schools September through March and Other organizations May through July.
If your organization is interested in this program, please contact Jill Jurkens at 505-881-1658 or for further details.
"I'd like to offer a personal note of thanks to the Farmington Octopus Car Wash team for making our fundraiser so successful - They went above and beyond when it came to helping us - Thanks to their help and input from Jill and the rest of the team the event was a huge success enabling us to raise over $2,000"!

Some fundraising ideas

Running a charity carwash program through you school is an easy and effective way to raise funds for the school - Everyparent wants to support their child's school and most parents have a car (And running around with the kids usually means a dirty one). Perhaps you can even run a small incentive program for the child with the most sales!
Church Groups
Local churches both big and small have use our Octopus Car Wash charity fundraising program at both our Farmington and Pueblo locations. It is easy to place posters in high traffic locations and the local community will often help to place posters at their business (And a small promotion during a service always works well)!
Other Organizations.
The possibilities to raise funds with our charity car wash programs are endless - Almost every charity in the Farmington and Pueblo area needs extra funds and almost every one of their supporting members drives a car that needs to be cleaned. What better way to support your organization? And remeber, since we are a professional car wash service center we take care of all of the environmental compliance rules and regulations!