Octopus Express Detail

All Express Detail is started after the wash process is completed. We use one to two detail employees on your car so that we may minimize the time you spend and increase the amount of work accomplished.

Most of our Express Detail services are completed in less than 45 minutes. Our Service Advisor would gladly explain our services - no appointment is necessary. All our express detail services come with a clean car guarantee. If your vehicle gets dirty again within 24 hours of having an Express Detail Service, we will gladly rewash the exterior, for free. Customer must present receipt and it must be the same vehicle.

Interior super clean

We vacuum your carpets and seats, Cleaning all Vinyl Throughout vehicle( Dash, Door panels, Console), Blowing out all debris and dirt out of cracks and crevices, Applying A water base interior dressing to all vinyl surfaces, Cleaning your windows, Door jams, Tires redressed and wheels hand cleaned.

Interior carpet and Seat cleaning

Carpets or seats are pretreated with a stain lifting solution. Then we will agitate the satin with an upholstery brush lifting all of the stain and trapped in dirt. Our cleaning process utilizes a high suction, soil extraction process that provides excellent results in a relatively short period of time.

Leather seat cleaning

Seats are cleaned and scrubbed down with Lexol Cleaner. Using paint brush and compressed air to remove any dirt and debris out of the crack of the seats. Once seats have been cleaned we apply Lexol conditioner to bring back the soft supple fill of your leather seats. This process will prevent cracking of leather seats and pro long the life of your seats.

Express Polishing

We used compress air to blow out any excess water out of mirrors and moldings. We apply an carnauba based wax Using an orbital polisher to apply a nice even application of wax. This will give you the best quality result in the shortest time frame. Once wax has dried to a haze we will remove with microfiber towels. Then we will Back the vehicle in the sun for one last inspection. To protect your investment vehicles surface should be waxed and maintained three to four times a year to reduce contamination and oxidation.

Nano Wax upgrade

Nano wax is a polymer-based Sealant formulated with advanced Nanotechnology. Its Nano sized particles fill in the finest of scratches where other waxes can't. It delivers an incredible long lasting shine without white residue.

Fast wax

Fast waxing is done after the wash process, usually completed with in 25 minutes after wash process. This service is just for the exterior. We will blow out all excess water and towel dry. Then apply wax with orbital and remove with microfiber towels.


Dull Hazed headlights, Reducing visibility at night? we have the answer for you, our head light kit will take care and improve your visibility and improve over all looks with clear headlights.

Wheel Bling

We clean all water and any left of residue by hand. Then we apply a metal polish to the wheel and remove. this creates a barrier between your wheel and the elements we drive in. this will help[ reduce pitting of chrome wheels if purchased on a consistent basis.