About Us / Our Mission

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You might recognize this location as the spot of A1 Car Wash on AMC's hit television series 'Breaking Bad'.

Octopus Car Washes is a family owned and run business that began in Rock Island, Illinois in the late 1950's. As Octopus Car Washes expanded the founder pioneered a unique brushless system that is exclusive to Octopus Car Wash today. We use a small amount of equipment to wash your car while maintaining a high degree of quality and unsurpassed shine to the vehicle's finish. Octopus Car Washes' mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality car wash available in the quickest, most efficient period of time monitored.

Here at Octopus Car Wash in Farmington, New Mexico we take our motto very seriously, "Many Hands to Serve You" - Each of our highly trained staff are empowered to ensure that your visit results in the best car wash your car has ever had. Your satisfaction is our priority!

best clean your car has seen.

At the Octopus Car Wash locations in Farmington we take great pride in washing your car. Whether or not you use our automated car wash or one of our hand detailed services we take the same care. Our number one priority is you happiness and the cleanliness of your car.

We know you have choices when it comes to cleaning your car.
We encourage you to swing by one of our two Farmington locations and give us a try.